Monday, September 10, 2012

Rainbow Brite

Outfit Details:
Dress- #Modcloth
Hat- #Forever21
Socks- #Modcloth (or Sock It To Me)
Boots- Doc Martins (I think from Ebay)
Today I feel Rainbowrific. That usually happens when I wear a new outfit, but this one especially (for obvious reasons). I was happy that I got to wear both one of my new dresses from Modcloth, but I also got to wear my new socks (also from Modcloth). I don't know a bout you, but personally, I really like how this whole outfit works together. Especially with my hair, which I redid last night, all by myself. I just really like all of the rainbow stripes on my dress, and the watching lemon-y belt, and I like the length and everything, even tough I might need to make a smaller whole for the belt. I also love my socks, which have a print of buttons on the sides if you can't tell.
I hope you've all had a glitterific, and very very rainbowrific day!

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