Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Outfit Details:
Shirt- From the Mudfest
Shorts- #Forever21
Tights- Target
Shoes- #Asos
I like my hair today. It's fun and it sort of reminds me of an Emily Martin character. I used to love doing this hair style when I had my super long blond hair, because it would make these perfectly sized nice big twists on the sides of head. Yes, my natural hair color is blond! People ask me that a lot, but I usually can't find a good picture that showcases my hair, but here's one if you want to see it:

Also, today in French, I learned to say "I am eccentric." But in french. It would be: Je suis excentrique. Fancy, right? I also learned more about taking measurements in costume crew, so today has just been filled with learning! AND I even had an assembly where we looked at pictures of drug-addict's mouths!!! So, you know, it's just been win-win-win for today!!
I hope you've all had a glitterifically wonderful day today, filled with knowledge and maybe some decaying teeth?

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