Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October!!!

Outfit Details:
Cape/Hood- From a costume box when I was little
Dress- #Forever21
Tutu- #Forever21
Tights- Target
Socks- Sock It To Me 
Shoes- Daddyo's
Happy October to you all! Sorry that I didn't post for a while, but i was sick all last week. But, I'm better now! (Except for a lingering cough) To get in that Halloween mood, I spent the weekend watching old horror movies while I did makeup work for school. And today, I wanted to dress in the same theme, and wore mostly black (which was a little uncomfortable due to our current weather of close to 90 degrees, which I hate.) with my favorite red cape, and my new vampire socks. They have little fangs and blood droplets and I love them. When I took my pictures, some of them got weirdly exposed, but I liked how it looked so I played around with all of them and I think they look cool.
Now, to get all of you in that October mood, Here are a few of my favorite Halloween movies, and I'll probably keep doing this for the rest of the month.
Dracula. You can't go wrong with the most famous vampire ever. You just can't.
House On Haunted Hill. Vincent Price invites a bunch of strangers to his haunted house to stay all night for a large sum of money? Count me in.
That's all for now, but I hope you all have a ghoulish and glitterific October!

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