Saturday, January 19, 2013

Glitter. Need I Say More?

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Old Navy, years ago
Tank top- #Forever21
Tutus- (Top) Vintage, (Under) Forever21
Tights- Forever21
Sweater- Forever21
Crown- Some sort of Party-supply store

I'm just going to say it. I love glitter. If I could, I'd glitterify everything. Wouldn't that just be a lovely world? We could architects in change of designing structures made out of glitter, and scientists would be put up to making and populating the world with unicorns. It would be fantastic. There are tons of super awesome articles about glitter on Rookie, so if, like me, you can't get enough of the sparkly substance (wow, that sounded like I was making some kind of drug reference), you should check them out.
We had finals this week, so me brain was too mushy to write any posts. Now, it's much better, so I figured I'd write up about what I wore yesterday. It was after 11 at night, and I really wanted to sleep, but my outfit was too amazing to not take pictures, so I had to. Now I'd like to take some time to point out the most glitterific points of my outfit.

Started out (sorry, I didn't get a before/after picture):

1. The eyes.
I used light purple eyeshadow all over my eye-lid, then smeared some sort of glitter-gel that came with a costume makeup kit across both my upper and lower lids, to provide optimal glitter coverage. Throughout the day, the glitter reflected onto my glasses, and I had glitter-vision. It was awesome.
After that, I just did/used(?) some black winged eyeliner.
2. The lips.
My awesome lipstick only lasted until lunch, when I felt it kind of necessary to wipe it off, so as not to ingest more glitter than I already have over the years, through a lot of glittery lipsticks and glosses. I promise I don't eat glitter. On purpose. Can you eat glitter? I don't know. But any way, I took pictures of the process of putting it on because I figured it wouldn't last all day.
First, start off without anything on your mouth (like left over lipstick/stain, which could mix with the rest of it, and mind of mess it up.)
Then, use some sort of white eyeliner, or very light foundation (I was going to use white eyeliner, but I couldn't find mine, so I used white costume makeup).  Over that, or even instead of it, put a pretty thick coat of clear lip-balm. Mostly these are just to give the rest something to stick too, and to give a more clean slate to start with.
Once that's on, take a light-blue eyeshadow, and sort of dab it on your lips. If you brush it on, it will smear the lip-balm and everything, and make it look kind of funky. Make sure it's pretty even. If you can't find a light blue, you can always use a darker one and mix it with white, or use any other color instead.
Then, you can put another coat of lip-balm on, to seal in the powder, and then put on a coat of glitter. With the lip-balm, you could probably just use powdery glitter, but I think it's best to use some sort of a gel. If you have just super sparkly lip gloss, that can work, but I used one like this, for face painting.
I think it looked pretty rad, and all my friends said that I looked like a glitter princess, which is pretty much the best compliment you could ever give me.

3. The nails.
My sister gave me a bottle of this glittery nail polish from Urban Outfitters for Christmas, and it's amazing. It's like tootie-fruty jelly bellies mixed with unicorn puke. In my pictures it looks almost purple in the bottle, but it's more of a light pink.
I hope you're all having one extra-super-amazingly-glitterific day!!!!


  1. I think I'm dying this is so perfect! I love your cat sweater and your hair and everything! I wish I could wear sweaters here, well I guess I could...but I think I would die of heat stroke or somethin' like that cause it's 80 degrees all year long here :O. Your makeup is so amazing! Have you heard of lime crime makeup before? I think you'll love it! Heres the link :
    - Maryasha

    1. Thank you! I have heard of Lime Crime before, but I hadn't gone onto the website. Thanks for the link, they're so amazing! I want to just kind of own every shade of their lipstick!