Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who Says Red & Pink Have to Clash?

Outfit Details:
Dress- Old Navy
Belt- #forever21
Tights- Betsy Johnson
Shoes- #forever21
Cardigan- Target
Today it was cold. I usually love it when it finally gets cold and rainy out, but today it was just the worst possible mixture of wind, hail, and a thin (however pretty) dress without a coat. I did wear a sweater, but it wasn't very helpful. It was like, 40-something degrees, and even if that's really not very cold compared to some places, it's like a snow storm for southern California. 
It seems like red and pink are always thought of as being repairable, but since my hair is kind of a big mix of both, this dress seemed appropriate.
I hope you're all having glitterific days!

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