Monday, January 21, 2013

Going to the Playground

Outfit Details:
Dress- Vintage
Tie- ...just a ribbon...
Belt- #forever21
Hat- #forever21
Socks- #forever21
Shoes- Shoebuy
Just wanted to clear up, "...just s ribbon..." is meant literally. It's not a brand name, however awesome that would be. Apparently there is a website called, but this was just a ribbon I found in my room.
Today my friend Olivia and I went to a playground near her house. Her birthday was this week, so we decided to celebrate it the way all teenagers spend their day's off from school; going to a park and playing on some teeter-taters. Wow. That is a weirdly spelled word. I don't know, I guess it's just a weird word in general. *Teeter-tater*. It sounds like some some of leaning potato. Leaning Potato would make a cool band name. Sorry, I'm off topic now. That happens to me a lot.
I rode my bike, and she her scooter, and we spent the day going back and forth between swings and the teeter-tater. It was a wondrous day, spent in this lovely vintage dress, which I got for 3 dollars at Yellowstone, the vintage store downtown. Usually, their stuffs pretty pricey, but I guess they're doing something like moving it all online, so they had a huge sale, with a bunch of 3 dollar bins.
I felt like the dress needed some sort of tie. I looked for my home-made lady tie, but couldn't find it, so I just grabbed a ribbon and looped it under the collar, and tied it under my chin. It also seemed kind of necessary to wear knee socks and saddle shoes when going to a playground. Unfortunately, my saddle shoes are kind of on the brink of death. The soles are completely falling out, and I have to constantly flip one part back in place when I'm walking. They've only lasted maybe 5 months, but I think they were meant more for costume-wear, so with my wearing them so often, I think they've done pretty well.
The flower on my arm was just because I was sitting next to my bag of gel pens and sharpies, and that's just what should be expected to result when that happens. By the way, I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow, so that should be *awesome!* I'll try and take some pictures to post later.
I hope you're all having glitterific days!
P.S. The code thing at the top was to hopefully have my blog up on Bloglovin. If it works, you'll be able to follow me through that.

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