Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pigtails and Yarn

Outfit Details:
Dress- Vintage
Jacket- #forever21
Belt- #forever21
Tights- #forever21
Socks- #ModCloth
Shoes- (knock off) Doc Martins
I really like my outfit today. I've been wanting to wear it for a while, and have had it all mentally picked out, but kept forgetting about it. Then, last night I decided that today would be the day, and it would finally become a reality. Then, of course, I over-slept until about fifteen minutes before I needed to leave. But, I was too excited to wear this outfit to just throw on some shorts and a sweater or one of the other outfits that act as my sweat-pants equivalents. I basically said "Screw you, Time!" in my head, and decided to put this all together in the allotted time. I did have to put on my lipstick and tie in the yarn for my pigtails after P.E. (second period) and go without eyeliner, but I'm pretty proud of my handiwork. I saw this picture (below) of Brigitte Bardot the other day on Maryasha(of Misery Chic)'s Pinterst page, and I think it subconsciously made me need to wear pigtails with red yard. I kind of forgot about the picture until I got home. I teased up my hair in the back, but you can't really see it in the pictures.
I wish you all a glitterific day!

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