Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flowers in My Hair and On My Dress

Outfit Details:
Dress- #forever21
Belt- From another dress
Socks- #forever21
Boots- Doc Martins (legitimate ones)
I actually really love my outfit today. And my hair. And my makeup. I think this is one of my favorite dresses, because it's got that nice kind of sixties style to it, and it's a really good summer dress. It's a good length because I can wear it with tights or leggings when it's chilly out, but it's not way way too short to wear on it's own. It's also got kind of a cool back that's really good for hot days. I also love the cotton candy-like colors on it, which look awesome with pretty much any hair color I've done, and go perfectly with my pink docs. My hair was nice because it looks kind of complicated, but I did it in less than ten minutes. Maybe, like, five. I just did two quick french braids on either side, then pinned one over the other, and the other along my neck. Then, I took a bunch of fake flowers that I'd removed from their branch/stem things, and bobby pinned them into my braids. I think it ended up looking super pretty, and I got lots of complements on them today.
I also think this is my favorite makeup I've done. I used a lighter blue eyeshadow than I usually use, so it was almost a shimmery powder blue, and this is probably one of the best cat-eye's I've done for my eyeliner. Usually, you know, they always uneven, or they get smudged, or there's a weird thickness or something, but these are actually almost perfect. Also, my lipstick stayed really nice all day. Usually, it will smudge at the corners, or get all faded in the middle, but today it stayed nice with just a supper small touch up after lunch.
Also working out perfectly today, were my jumping shots. Usually, I'll have to take, like, easily a hundred pictures before I'll get maybe five shots of me actually in the air. Today, I was in the air for all but a few of them. In all of them I had kind of awkward expressions on my face, but at least I was in mid-jump.
Tonight, we're all going over to Muddy Waters for a show, with Dante Elephante playing, so that should be awesome. It's at 8, so if anyone in town wants to go, I linked to the Facebook page.
I hope you're all having an immensely glitterific day!

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  1. You look so pretty! I want to do something like that to my hair for my school formal :)