Monday, February 4, 2013

Style Inspiration: The Young Tavi Gevinson

 Outfit Details:
Shirt- #forever21
Crinolines/tutus- All vintage except the top one, which is Forever 21
Socks- Payless
Boots- Doc Martins
Hair Bows- Clairs
Today, my outfit was inspired by the young Tavi Gevinson. I mean that just by Tavi Gevinson when she was younger. She still has a supercalifragi-rad (which is as rad as it gets) style, which inspired an earlier post of mine, but I felt like that needed to be followed by a post inspired by the 11 year-old Tavi. That was when she first started her blog, The Style Rookie (which she still posts on from time to time), and at first it was filled with granny glasses, patchwork leggins, and multi-layered crinolines. I always think it's really cool that she had such a cool style that within months this 11 year old girl was getting thousands of views for her blog each day, and was getting invited to fashion week, and all of these other cool fashion events. It's kind of one of those things, where even if you hear the name, and have no clue who she is, I can almost guaranty that if I showed you a picture of her, you'd recognize her right away.
Here's the picture I used for inspiration:
I did add some black lipstick and pink/purple hair, but I think you can see the resemblance between the outfits. My shirt is at least slightly similar, and I've got the whole layered crinolines thing going on.
Today I was super tired, and I'm almost 98.7 percent sure I'm about to get sick, but I guess when I'm tired I just get kind of a permanent bitch face for the day. At dinner, my dad told me that I'm no longer allowed to wear black lipstick when I'm tired, because apparently it's just super unsettling to look over at your daughter when she's wearing super dark lipstick while her face is just going deadpan.
I did, however, receive probably one of the greatest comments on my outfits ever today. My mom and I ran in Kmart because I wanted to get some white men's undershirts for crafting, and while she was off looking at stuff, I was picking out some that would work. As I was doing this, some guy that worked there walked past while on the way to do whatever it is that dudes who work at Kmart do, and looked over at me. "I approve of you," he called out, pausing at the end of the isle. I'm sure I looked to him in confusion, wondering, "What is that supposed to mean?" in my head. "Not that you need my approval," he clarified, "But you have it." And with that, he went on his way, with me calling "Thank you," after him. Also, in Staples, an old man told me not to rob any banks. I'm guessing that was due to my outfit being pretty recognizable in a Police Lineup.
I hope you all have a glitterific day!

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