Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gothic Frida Kahlo And Her Mink

Outfit Details- Flower crown: DIY, Mink: Vintage, Blouse: #forever21, Belt: #forever21, Skirt: Thrift Store (tag says h&m), Socks: Tim Burton art exhibit, Shoes: (knock off) Doc Martins
This weekend, we went down to Carpenteria, and went to the flea market and then to St. Joesph's thrift store. I got a vintage slip at the flea market, which I plan to dye bright purple, but the thrift store was amazing. I would definitely recommend it. There were tons of really good clothes, and I got three skirts (including the one I wore today), each for 2 dollars, and a really cool kind of rockabilly dress for 3. Draped across one rack, I spotted a chestnut tail poking out. When I pulled it out, it was none other than a little mink. I have no idea what it was doing there, as it didn't appear to belong there, but when I asked they said I could have it for 2 dollars. Of course, I immediately purchased it and called him Maxwell. This morning, I used a little bit of hot glue to attach a clip under his chin so I could wear him as a stole. People kept asking to touch it, if it was real, and if I'd hunted it myself, to which I replied "Sure, "Yes," and "No. It's from a thrift store." At lunch, his clip came off of his chin, so after I ate I pulled him off of my neck, and while examining where the clip had been, scolded "Maxwell! Why won't you stay around my neck?" Of course, it was at this moment that a group of my classmates walked past, sending me some very odd looks. My friends and I agreed that while he was around my neck, it was just like "Oh, look! She's so quirky and unique!" but as soon as I'm holding him and talking to him, it quickly becomes "Oh, God. Don't go near her. She's freaking crazy. Avert your eyes!"
For my flower crown, I went outside and picked some flowers yesterday, including camellias and lavender, along with leaves from my lemon tree. I'll have to do more of a step-by-step of this the next time I make one (which will probably be as soon as this one wilts), but this time I was just kind of figuring it out as I went. I used jewelery wire to wrap each flower together, making sure they were each cut with enough stem to wrap around, then I used the same wire to wrap them onto an old headband. I was wearing it around last night when my mom said I looked like a goth Frida Kahlo, so I just kind of went with it. My hair isn't long enough to braid, so I just kind of pinned it all on top of my head, and put on the flower crown.
I may or may not have worn both my crown and my mink to PE, and it may or may not have looked something like this...

I hope you're all having glitterific days!
Chloe (that crazy chick who talks to her mink)

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