Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Really Rad Tights & The Middle

Outfit Details:
Coat- Vintage
Dress- Ross
Belt- #forever21
Tights- Vintage (Mary Quant)
Shoes- Target
 Aren't these just the raddest tights on Earth? Well, that's kind of a hyperbole, because, you know, this world really does have a large number of fantastic tights, but these have to be up there. They were sent to us by my parents' super amazing friend Julia, who works in the costume department thing for the show "The Middle." It was supercalifragi-mazing because a few months ago, we (my parents, my sister, and I) all got to go down to L.A. and visit the set with her. I've been meaning to post the pictures for a super long time, but it was one of those things where every time I thought about writing up a post, I already had an outfit or something planned, so I kept saying "I'll just post them tomorrow," and we all know that pretty much means that it will never happen. But, it was so super amazing, that I need to share the pictures, even if it's kind of late...
In front of the WB sign
Me, my sister, my mom, and Julia in front of the "Friends" fountain (!!)
We got to go into the costume departments and things, and it was SO cool!!
That was one of the dresses made for Audry Hepburn during "My Fair Lady" or something
My sister and I got to sit on the couch in the living room of the set, which was super awesome
(sorry for the picture qualities, these were just off of my mom's phone)
So, that was pretty much one of the best days ever, and we got to walk through this humungous room on the lot that was all floor-to-ceiling clothing racks, filled to the brim with nothing but costumes and clothes, many of which were vintage and beautiful. Julia was telling us about how sometimes you'll be flipping through the racks and all of a sudden you'll find some famous costume worn by some iconic movie star, as they're labeled with what movies they were used in and who wore them. That just seemed really cool to me, that you could just come across some little piece of history, like a treasure hunt! Also, we were talking to Reverend Tim-Tom. That was really cool.
Outfit-wise (in my outfit post), I wore my Ross dress, with a rubbery turquoise belt from Forever 21. It seemed necessary to go Mod with my outfit, out of respect for the tights. I teased up my hair in the back, and used a straightener to flip the ends of my hair, which kind of flattened out through out the day. I did a Mod Twiggy-Eye, with liquid foundation in lieu of lipstick. In order to get that fake-eye lash look with out any, I simply used about 20 coats of mascara. It worked, though! I kind of love dressing Mod-like, because it's very difficult not to feel like the bad ass member of a 60's girl gang when you're wearing Twiggy make-up and a 60's style dress.
I hope you're all having a glitterific day!

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