Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

Outfit Details- Shirt: Old Navy, Dress: #forever21, Belt: #forever21, Pins: DIY, Tutu: #forever21, Tights: DIY, Socks: Betsy Johnson, Shoes: Ross

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Sorry, I was planning to post yesterday, because I really loved my outfit, but right after school, my friend, Natalie, and I went to see Beautiful Creatures, and I didn't get home until pretty late, and then we had dinner, and then I was so tired I fell asleep wearing my full outfit, socks, tights, tutu, pins and all. I took off my shoes, but that was it. I also forgot to remove any of my makeup, which included bright red lipstick, a heart drawn on my cheek in red stage makeup and eyeliner, pink glitter, and bright pink eyeshadow. I was really tired.
So, since I didn't take any pictures last night but I really loved my outfit, I decided to draw it out, kind of like what Kate Gabrielle (of Scathingly Brilliant) did a few weeks ago. Of course, I drew myself in poses that I would most likely have been in for my pictures. I've realized (and been told by my parents) that I'm kind of monotonous in my posing sometimes. I'm also rarely looking straight at the camera. I don't really know what's up with that, but I've actually made an effort to look at the camera lately! I promise!
If you wanted to see what each clothing item looks like in real life, I'll link each one to a previous post they were worn in: Dress, Belt, Pins, Tutu, Tights. Sorry, I haven't worn the shirt, socks, or shoes in any other posts!
As I mentioned, I saw Beautiful Creatures yesterday!!! It was really exciting to see one of my favorite books ever turned into a movie, but also really sad, because I realized that just about everything that I was terrified they would change or not put in, they changed or didn't put in. If you have read the book and plan to see the movie, but want to stay in that optimistic state of mind that I was in before yesterday, then please, by all means do. But be prepared for devastation at the lack of at least all of my favorite parts. Don't worry, I won't give any spoilers, but I just need to rant. Really badly. They did not ever have Lena's eyes green, and dark casters' eyes only turned gold for a teensy bit of the time. That was stupid. Ethan and Lena had accents!!! That just kind of automatically ruined pretty much everything for me. They didn't give Lena her crescent moon shaped birthmark!! Macon, rather than looking like Atticus Finch, was super creepy and kind of looked like a pimp. That was stupid. Ethan found the locket within, like, the first minute of the movie, without Lena! Also, they really did just make Ethan super unlikable. First off, he was just a complete idiot. They made it seem like he couldn't read because when he did her held the book right up to his face and read aloud really slowly, and instead of saying little witty things to cheer her up, he'd just make this creepy smiley face and start laughing at himself. Also, not like the actor who played him was too completely hideous or anything, but he was not Ethan. Ok? Ethan is supposed to be super tall and lanky and have hair that's growing over his eyes. The actor was kind of stalky and had short hair and was just weird. Plus: Ridley's hair!! It was going to be blond and pink and amazing!!
Most of all, the two things that I seriously started freaking out and hitting Natalie in the arm about. 1. They didn't have Marian the librarian!! She was so cool!! 2. They didn't have the Sharpie on Lena's walls!!! I seriously almost cried when they didn't have that. It was my favorite thing, along with her necklace (which they also only barely had). Instead, the walls were almost black, and she did magic so that the words showed up in light for, like, two seconds, then dissapeared. It was stupid.
Still, if you read the books and loved them as much as I do, then I would totally suggest going and seeing the movie! Maybe it's just how you pictured everything, and I'm just going off of how I pictured everything, but if not, then at least you have a really good ranting topic for the next few weeks! If you haven't read the books, then I would first and foremost suggest that you read the books!!! They're super good! But, I'd also suggest seeing the movie, because it was a pretty good movie once you got over everything they changed that would have made it SO much better if left in! But, they did have one line that I approved of them adding, which was something like "That girl, with her seductive quirkiness..." That was pretty awesome.
Sorry, end of rant.
On another note, but speaking of books, my friend, Michelle, and I are still writing our zombie-teen-romance novel, UnEarthed, which has currently almost 150 pages! We have a Pinterest page with pretty much everything that reminds us of our book, or that has to do with it. Today, I made a playlist on 8tracks that is pretty much the soundtrack of our imaginary movie-adaptation of it. In case anyone was wondering what this book is actually about, the current description is:
Boo, a misunderstood, borderline goth teen, moves to Salem, Ma, in the midst of a "Zombie Apocalypse." Rather than the boring life she expected to find, she finds the first friend she's ever had, and maybe some romance, in Lorcan, an agsty teenaged zombie who died an 80's punk. He introduces her to world of friendship, adventure, and a dark mystery. Along with fellow members of the undead, Raven, a sarcastic pick-pocket, and Scooter, a former Irish pirate, they form a death-defying friendship.
I promise, it's much better than it sounds.
I hope you all have a glitterific day!


  1. I love your outfit drawing! I'll have to keep that in mind next time I forget to take pictures of an outfit! Anyways your novel sounds totally awesome! I would totally go buy a copy. It's cool that you've already written so much, When I try to write I can never seem to actually put pen to paper (or, well, fingers to keyboard) and get stuff done!

    1. Thanks! I feel like it's easier to keep writing when you're doing it with someone else. I don't know, maybe it's the motivation of someone else waiting for you to finish your chapter or something, but it works! :)