Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today I feel like a Teen Witch. It's kind of awesome. My mom called me Stargirl when I got in the car after school, and it seemed like a good title to my outfit. Plus, I really love that book. I like that last picture I used, because I think it kind of looks like I'm about to cast some sort of a spell that would doom someone who annoyed me to a life time of pimples, or some other teen-witch-type of curse. For my outfit, I wore a T-shirt that I made last night, a very sparkly skirt from Forever 21, purple tights, and my docs. To keep with my star theme, I used black liquid eyeliner to paint a small star under my right eye. It also helped the whole witch thing, because it looks kind of magical.
 Here's how I made the shirt:

-A plain T-shirt (I got a pack of 6 white, mens' undershirts at Kmart for 15 dollars. I got smalls, and I'm usually a medium or sometimes a large in womens' shirts, so you can kind of figure out what size you need to get.)
-Fabric paint (I used black)
-A paint brush
-Cardboard (I used an old granola bar box)
-A pen
-An X-acto knife (I didn't have one, and it was much harder)
 -I wanted to make my shirt sort of a "crop top," so I tried it on, and marked where I wanted it to hit, and then changed out of it and cut it. I also cut kind of jaggedly along the color, to sort of distress it.
- I printed out a few different sized of this star, and cut them out. I chose the size I wanted, and traced it on the cardboard to make a stencil. I was going to do two sizes, but ended up just using one.
 -I used a steak knife to cut out the shapes... Yeah, that was really not the best way to go about that. I didn't have an X-acto knife handy, and so I just kind of did what I could. I probably could have just used scissors, but I didn't want to have to bend up the cardboard. So, you can kind of figure out how you want to do this part. The knife worked though!
-I laid out the stencil on the desired spot of the T-shirt, and started dabbing the paint on, starting at the outer corners, and working my way in. This worked well, and with the dabbing, it didn't bleed out under the stencil very much.
And, hopefully, you should end up with something like this!
I hope you're all having a glitterific day!

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