Monday, February 18, 2013

Tales of the Outcasts




Hello! So, this is a photo shoot I did today with a bunch of my friends, set to look sort of like screen-shots of an imaginary movie, which we titled "Tales of the Outcasts." It's kind of late for Valentine's Day, but I had planned to have had this done before then. 
*All of the clothes are mine, except for Michelle's army-style jacket, her boots, and Ember's red converse. 
*I did all of the hair, except for Rachel's amazing turquoise hair, which she did herself, along with her's and Shayna's makeup. Other than that, I did all of the hair and makeup. 
*Props were via Events by Milk & Honey Farm.
*The shoot was in part inspired by "Home Is Just a Word," Petra's amazing shoot for Rookie.
*Thanks to Ember, Michelle, Shayna, Rachel, and Madeline for modeling, and to Olivia for helping to set up.
*Thanks to Michelle for helping with the captions, and the title. 
*If you note the Dash & Lily reference graffiti on the bathroom wall, that was with a dry-erase marker, that we cleaned off immediately afterwards. I just wanted to note that we did not actually vandalize a public restroom.
*Yes, that is a boss Zefron cut-out.

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