Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Epitome of Teenaged Angst/ Mother Moon

Outfit Details- Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: #h&m,  Socks: Payless, Shoes: (Knock-off) Doc Martins
This is what I wore yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to post until now. There was a full moon last night, so it was the perfect time to go pray and party with The Mother Goddess, who is the Queen of the Moon (especially the full one). Every since I got my witchy book, I've been especially interested in magic. Well, even more than I was before. So far, I've been working on reading palms and tarot cards, but the book has a bunch of other cool stuff in it, too. I'm already planning my May Day party, and trying to form a coven with my friends. I love the book because it's filled with crafts, spells, feminist fairy-tales, and a lot of encouraging readers to be themselves. Needless to say, I've been carrying it with me everywhere for the past month or so. So, last night, I made myself a flower crown out of flowers in my backyard (you can't really see it in the two pictures I'm wearing it in, but I wore it today, too), and once the moon came out, I lit a red candle (The Mother is also linked with the color red) and just kind of wandered my back yard, looking up at the moon. I really liked the passage about The Mother in the book, which describes her as "playful and ironic," and tells abut how she kind of oversees everything, but over-all just wants to have fun. That just seems cool to me.
Now, about the angst; Over the weekend, my dad pulled out his old records (from a very extensive collection), and told me that as long as I took good care of them, I was free to explore them to my heart's content. He showed me how to use our record player, and how to hold the vinyls and everything. He's got a ton of Smiths albums (possibly every one, but I'm not sure), so I've been listening to those a bunch, along with VU (from The Velvet Underground), some Toy Dolls (namely "Dig That Groove Baby"), and some Oingo Boingo. There's some other ones, too, but those are my favorite's so far. My absolute favorite for the moment, though, is "Hatful of Hollow" by The Smiths, mainly because it has "Heaven Knows I'm Miserably Now" on it. I've barely left my living room sense, preferring to lay or sit on the floor, listening to the records. On Saturday night, I had The Smiths cranked up on the record player so that I could hear it in the next room, and dyed my hair blue. Then, I spread an old towel on the floor, and lay there in front of the player for a few hours while my hair sat. I felt like the epitome of teenaged angst (hence the title).
I hope you're all having a glitterifically angsty day!

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