Friday, October 5, 2012


Outfit Details:
Dress- Vintage
Belt- From a different dress
Socks- Payless
Shoes- Payless
I ended up using a lot more pictures than I usually do, but the lighting was so perfect when i was taking them, and I really like my hair and outfit today. This dress was my mom's, and it was handed on to my sister and then to me, and is most commonly referred to as "The Bee Dress." I love when my clothes have their own titles! And what else would you do your hair in than a bee-hive in this dress? I was so excited that I could still do a bee-hive with my short hair, because I loved doing it with my longer hair before. This dress reminds me of something that Chuck from "Pushing Daisies" would wear, so that's fun too. At this very moment, I am watching "Nosferatu" for the first time (and loving it, even though it's kind of hard to follow), and I've got our Netflix que filled up with a bunch of Vincent Price movies to watch next. But every time I see hime, I just remember that time on "Spongebob" when there was "The Hash Slinging Slasher" (Best episode ever). Remember that?
Well, I hope you all have glitterific days, filled with bees, vampires, and Spongebob!

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