Monday, October 22, 2012

Reindeer and Polka Dots

Outfit Details:
Blouse- #Forever21
Sweater- #Forever21
Suspenders- #h&m
Skirt- #Forever21
Tights- Asos
Shoes- #modcloth
Yes, I realized that almost everything I'm wearing today is a different pattern (Reindeer, stripes, lace, and polka dots), but patterns are too fun to pick just one. Plus, I love my reindeer sweater. We actually had a day of sweater weather again, but it's supposed to go back to the heat tomorrow. Lately, I keep thinking about the weather in french, though, because it just sounds way cooler to say "Il fait chaud" than just saying "It's so fancy hot out." I liked that you could see the number on my hand in one of my close up pictures, though, because it means that there's only 113 days until "Beautiful Creatures"! "What is Beautiful Creatures?" you ask? Why, it's only one of my favorite books ever, which they happen to have recently finished filming, and plan to release into theaters on February 13th. Here's the trailer:
I hope you all have wonderful and glitterific days!

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