Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Mustard Sweater Coat

Outfit Details:
Hat- #h&m
Sweater-Coat- #Anthropology
Shirt- Pacsun
Skirt- #Forever21
Tights- #Forever21
Shoes- Doc Matrins (or at least some off brand of them from China
The weather reports lied. I was so excited this morning because it was all cold and cloudy and I heard some nice thunder, but then literally as soon as I started getting ready for school, it got all sunny. Luckily though, it stayed mostly cloudy all day, and we had pretty much the best science class ever. We did a water balloon launch lab, and it was really fun and we shot all of these balloons really high straight up in the air, and they kept pelting back down on us, and we ended up shooting the last of them at a wall doing target practice when we finished recording, and it was awesome. I wore my sweater coat from Anthropology, which was purchased on super awesome sale, for 20 dollars (!!!), and it's super cozy and nice. I also had lot's of fun with the digital macro setting on my camera, did you notice?
I hope you all have glitterific days, with water balloons and some RAIN!


  1. I love the sweater coat and your photos! They keep getting with each post. :-)

    1. Thank you! I can't wait for it got get cold again so I can wear it some more! :)