Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween to you all! I am very happy to be able to use that as a greeting! I know that a lot of people spend weeks coming up with these amazing costumes, but others put it off and end up scrambling around an hour before they leave to trick or treat trying to find some sort of a costume, so just in case anyone's looking for ideas, or just wanting something to think about next year, here's my costumes of the day:
Black and White Horror Film Heroine-
 This was actually pretty easy, and I think it looked really cool. It's easiest if you already have pretty dark or light hair to spray it black, white, or gray, but even though mine's barely got any color left in it, it still didn't take the white very well, but it still looked okay. You just need some white or gray powder or face paint and some black eyeliner to do the makeup, and I just lightly smeared white clown makeup on, then did grayish colors around the eyes, and used eyeliner for lipstick. Then, you can just find a black and white outfit, and you've got a cool costume!

Trick or Treating outfit:
Ms. Frizzle (with some Dr. Who references)
This one's pretty easy too, because you just need a printed dress and some frizzy hair. I sprayed mine red, but that's not really necessary. I have my friend dressing as the bus, and I think that's just a cardboard box painted yellow. I also just kind of needed to add some sort of Dr. Who reference, because, come on, everyone knows Ms. Frizzle is really a timelord. She's already got the tardis (bus), wacky outfits, multiple companions, and all of this other stuff! I just took some eyeliner and drew some tally marks, with how many times I've seen the Silence. I'm pretty sure I'm up to 35 right now. But weirdly, I don't remember any of those. Strange.
I hope you're all having a glitterific Halloween!

Outfit details:
B&W: Dress- Vintage, Tights- Anthropology, Shoes- Payless
Ms. Frizzle: Dress- Vintage, Tights- Anthropology, Shoes- Crocs (Yeah, they're Crocs. And they're comfortable.)


  1. Great costumes, especially the black and white one!

    1. Thank you! That one was my favorite too! :)