Monday, October 8, 2012


Outfit Details:
Dress- #Forever21
Belt- From another dress
Tutu- #Forever21
Tights- #h&m
Shoes- #h&m
Hat- #h&m
Ok, so I'm just going to say it. This is a super rad hat. Just look at it! It's a kitty-cat-hat! Also, my outfit just looks like mint-chocolate chip ice cream. You can see it more in person, but I finally found some super pretty mint-green tights at h&m this weekend, and I also got a pair of matching shoes there. Perhaps you recognize them from my post yesterday? They're just super pretty. Also very pretty is my fancy new dress that I got at Forever21 on the same day, which I like because it kind of looks like one of the dresses worn by the girls in Emily Martin paintings. All it needs is a big twirly skirt and it would be my favorite dress ever! But I could always just wear a twirly skirt over it or something every once in a while.
I hope you all have glitterific days, with kitty-cat hats and mint-chocolate-chip ice cream!

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