Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kitty-Cat Hats & Chicken Boots

Outfit Details:
Blouse- #Forever21
Shorts- #Forever21
Tights- Old Navy
Hat- #h&m
Boots- I'm not sure, but they might be from Victorian Trading Company
I like this outfit. It's been cooling off, and this morning it so so pretty and cloudy and I even heard some thunder, but then it got all stupid and hot towards the afternoon, but now it's pretty chilly out again. It's supposed to *rain* tomorrow (!!!), so I was preparing with our "Chicken Boots". I was all prepared to be snuggled up in a fuzzy sweater today, but today in school we were supposed to wear orange to stand up against bullying. I liked that whole idea, but orange is kind of hard to dress with. So, after going through both my and my mom's closets, this orange and red floral sweater was the closest I could find. Plus, my boots were yellow and had a little bit of orange on them. Also, I just really like this blouse and these shorts. I got them over the summer so I've been waiting for it to get cool enough to wear them.
I hope you all have wonderfully glitterific days!

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