Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIYs, Dorothy Dresses, and 1,000 Pageveiws!

 Outfit Details:
Sweater- DIY (originally from Old Navy)
Dress- Francesca's Collections
Belt- From another dress
Socks- From the gift shop at a Tim Burton exhibit
 Shoes- #Asos
Hello! So, yesterday, I came home and checked the stats for this very blog, and saw that I had not 1,000 views, but 1,010! Sorry, I wanted to do a quick post to thank you all, but I wanted to include a pretty outfit in there too, and because I accidentally woke up five minutes before I had to leave yesterday morning, and just threw on some random things lying around my room, I figured I'd wait so I could wear a fancy outfit. I think this outfit kind of fits with my whole Halloween kick, too, because it's very Dorothy-esque, with the blue, sear-sucker dress, striped socks, and red-ruby-slipper-T-straps.
Also, I realized that I've been completely failing to do a post on the DIY project I promised months ago. I did this over the summer, but so far it's been either too hot out to wear a sweater for more than 5 minutes, or I've worn it with a collar that covered the embroidery. So, here is my scalloped cardigan revamp DIY:
1 Cardigan/Sweater, 1 Pair of scissors, Embroidery Thread, 1 Needle, 1 Embroidery hoop, 1 Marker
I took a piece of paper, and sketched out some crescent shapes along the edge until I got one that looked even. than I cut that out of the paper, and used the rest of the paper as a template for my scallops. I just fit my sweater into the hoop until it was pretty tight, and used the paper to lightly draw the shapes on the exposed bit of collar with a marker. Then, I just embroidered along the collar until it was filled with pretty scallops! Sorry if those were bad/confusing instructions, but it's really simple once you start doing it.
Thank you again for viewing, reading, and commenting! I hope you all have extra glitterific days!!