Friday, November 30, 2012

60's Girl Gangs

Outfit Details:
Dress- Ross
Jacket- Forever21
Tights- h&m
Boots- Target
Lipstick- Revlon, Matte Stormy Pink
Today I feel like I should be a member of a 60's girl gang. My dad said that my outfit looked like a mixture of mod and puck, and I liked that. This is the other dress I got at Ross the other day, and I like how it looks with my matching hounds tooth boots. Since it's still chilly out, I grabbed my leather jacket, and it went really well with my outfit. It added to the whole "girl gang" thing. I did my hair by just teasing up a chunk in the back, then pinning the front over that, and adding a headband. I had flipped the ends of my hair this morning, which really made it look 60's-y, but it came out by 2nd period. I just did the same "Twiggy eyes" as yesterday, but with fewer, slightly thicker lower lashes, and I like how it turned out better than yesterday. Then I used a bright pink lipstick to finish it all off.
I hope everyone and their girl gangs are having a glitterific day!

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