Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leopard Sweaters and Bee-Hives

Outfit Details:
Sweater- #h&m
Dress- #forever21
Crinoline- Sam's (I couldn't find a website for the brand, but I found this)
Socks- #forever21
Shoes- #h&m
Hello! I realized after doing my hair that the back had ended up really cool and swirly looking. My hair's short enough that when I do bee-hives or things, I have to clip up the back, but to keep it from sticking out weird, I just pulled it across, and looped it back and pinned it. With my outfit, I wore the dress as a blouse, but it worked because the skirt isn't full or anything, so it was like a slip under the crinoline, which is pretty sheer. I always like wearing crinolines, whether they're over or under dresses, or just as skirts! They just make any outfit even prettier! 
The Dos Pueblos (DP's my High School) production of A Midsummer Night's Dream (But Steam Punk) starts on the 15th, so we've been doing a lot in costume crew. I got to be in charge of the 3 magician's assistants, and I just wanted to share my favorite one, that I was working on yesterday.
I got to go through all of our racks of costumes, and pull all of these super cool coats and tails, and I got to use this red skirt that I've just been waiting to gather up to look all Steam-Punk-y. I put that over this thin black skirt I found, with a thick ruffle along the hem, and I took this rad vintage dress that was falling apart, but had really cool lace along the top, and cut it into a blouse. For the coat, I found a dark brown coat and tails, and cut the sleeves off, because they were making it harder for the actor to move, and she needed to do a lot of arm gestures. I think it actually added to the coolness of it, and I also splattered it with gold paint. I put a picture of the skirt and coat above, but I did a quick sketch for you all of how the whole thing should look when it's all put together. If you live in the Santa Barbara area, you should consider coming to the show, because all of the other costumes are super cool too.
I hope you all have extra glitterific days!

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