Monday, November 5, 2012

Candy Stripes, Spider Webs, & Purple Hair (Again)

Outfit Details:
Dress- #modcloth
Tights- #forever21
Shoes- #h&m
I really like this dress, because it looks like candy stripes, and it was really nice in our 95 degree weather today. I know that's not really that hot compared to some places, but I love cold, rainy weather, so I've pretty much always hated the heat. But this dress was perfect for today. I've been meaning to take it in, because they only had it 2 or 3 sizes too big when I ordered it from Modcloth, but this morning I just grabbed a few safety pins and bobby pins to at least make it somewhat fit. These tights were also nice because they looked like lacy spider webs, and they weren't hot or anything but they were still tights. And I like wearing tights. I liked my pictures, because my cat, Ruby, was actually cooperating and letting me hold her in some of my pictures. Plus, my hair is purple again, but it's much lighter now.
I needed to include at least one more picture of these scarecrows, though, because they still look terrifying. They stare into your sole and find all of your fears and weaknesses.
I hope you've all had glitterific days, with lots of candy, scarecrows, and cats!

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