Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rainy Day Mod

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Gap
Dress- Ross
Tights- Forever21
Shoes- Daddyo's
Umbrella- Sorry, I have no idea
I got this dress yesterday from Ross, and was pleasantly surprised when I found it. I hadn't been in there for a while, and figured I'd flip through the dresses really quick, to see if there was anything cute, and there were actually a ton of super cute mod-style dresses. I got two, this one, and one that's hounds tooth, both for about 14 dollars, which is pretty awesome. Since it's actually been raining out, I borrowed this striped shirt from my mom. Since I was going with a pretty mod outfit, I figured I'd do hair and make up with that too. I did "Twiggy Eyes" with the tutorial on Rookie, and did my hair in a semi-beehive, with a side ponytail, then pinned in some small fake flowers. The second to last picture includes a rare Chloe-with-no-glasses picture, to show the make up. I borrowed my mom's foundation to get a nude lip, but it was faded a little bit by the time I took my pictures. Also: Blue hair. I was missing the blue, so I redid it last night.
I hope you all have super glitterific days!

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