Thursday, November 8, 2012

Foxy Sweaters and Dissapearing Costumes

Outfit Details:
Sweater- Target
Hat- #h&m
Shirt- From the Muddfest at Muddywaters
Crinoline- Sam's (At least the brand)
Tights- #forever21
Boots- Knock off Doc Martins
I love animal prints. Not just striped and spots and things (even though I do love those), but just clothes with prints of little animals, especially when they're woodland creatures. Like foxes! This sweater has bright colors and a fox, and it's really cozy since it's a couple of sizes too big. Which is perfect for cozy sweaters. The last picture (of my shoes) was at school, because I was helping to cut up confetti for the play (apparently multiple garbage bags full of it are needed for one of Puck's monologues), but I got to mix in a bunch of glitter, but it was going all over and it was really pretty. You can't really see it in the picture though...
I was fitting the actress in her magician assistant outfit again today, and she let me take some pictures of her in it outside! Here's what it looks like:
 But, when I went to get the cool lacy top for her, it was mysteriously gone, leaving only a hanger behind. So, I think we're giving her this corset to wear under the coat:
I hope you all have glitterific days, with woodland creatures who can "Make it work" like me!

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