Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Badass Princess.

Outfit Details:
Flower Crown- DIY
Sweater- Anthropology
Dress- Forever 21
Crinoline- Vintage
Socks- Forever 21
Boots- (Knock off) Doc Martins
As my title suggests, I feel like a badass princess today. I've got the flower crown and lacy white dress, but also the bright purple hair, nearly black lipstick, and docs. This was definitely one of those outfits that I get some interesting looks at school for, but it's pretty awesome, so. It was inspired by a Rookie photo shoot, Hometown Heroes, wear the girls were in almost all white, with sheer long skirts, and black boots, hanging out like a fancy skate board gang. They also had flower crowns, so I of course had to get out this one, which I made and wore to graduation last year. It had been needing some mending, so I just reattached a few of the flowers, and added some glitter to complete it. I felt like the outfit was looking just a little too white and bride-like, so I added some super dark lipstick. I didn't have any black lipstick, so I just used some black eyeliner as lip liner, and then did a layer of red on top, so it's sort of a dark dark purpley color.
I hope you all have a glitterific day, with flower crowns and black lipstick!

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