Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rompers, Tattoos, & Hipster Glasses

Outfit Details:
Romper- #forever21
Tights- Asos
Shoes- Shoe Buy
Glasses- #h&m
I really like this romper. I got it on sale for about $6 at Forever 21 a few days before Christmas, and it's really pretty. My friend, Isabelle, has a dress from ModCloth that's really similar to this, except that, you know, it's a dress, and it's blue all the way through, with a pattern of little trees or something all over. Other that that, it's a lot like my romper, so I think that's cool, because I always thought her dress was super cool.
It's always kind of weird when I wear these tights, because since you can't totally tell whether they're tattoos or nylons. People always end up starring more at my tights than my hair, so it's just strange because I'm so used to people looking at my hair, especially when it's some freaking bright pink.
At h&m the other day, I was getting a men's button-down (because I've been needing one, and they're so much better than girl ones), and I ended up getting a new pair of Buddy-Holly-type frames. If you've been reading my blog since the start, you might remember my old frames, which were like these. I really like my cat-eyes, but I keep having certain outfits that would just look way cooler with some square black frames. Hopefully, I'll get my prescription in these eventually, and I'll be able to wear them. They're men's frames, by the way, if you're looking for a pair of your own.
I hope you're all having a glitterific day!

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