Monday, December 24, 2012

Style Inspiration: Rayanne Graff

Outfit Details:
Dress- #forever21
Flannel- Vintage
Fishnets- #forever21
Socks- Payless
Shoes- (knock-off) Doc Martins
This is my outfit from Friday, but I kept forgetting to post it. It's inspired by Rayanne Graff from My So-Called Life. I watched all of the episodes while I was sick, and felt inspired by Rayanne's awesome style. She's got that whole "I just threw on all the random clothes laying on my floor" sort of look, with all kinds of patterns and colors, but it all just works together perfectly (even if sometimes it really does just look a little homeless). There's also a lot of layering going on, which I tried to achieve, along with a Rayanne-like hair-do. I (of course) needed the single ringlet, curled around a miniature braid, along with about half of my hair pulled up into a scarf. I distributed a couple more small braids throughout my hair too. Like her outfits, Rayanne's hair never seems to be able to decide exactly how it wants to be, so I tried to get that sort of a look too. 
I wore a floral, 60's style of dress from Forever 21, under neath of a vintage, green and blue flannel. I also wore torn fishnets, with a pair of gray and black stockings, and a pair of black docs. Sorry, if the the organization of my photos is kind of weird, but for some reason it wouldn't let me just line them all up.
The poses were pretty easy to figure out for this outfit, as I just needed to look angsty, and throw in a few signature Angela Chase poses. This outfit also kind of worked with my hair, even though it's more like Angela's than Rayanne's. I doubt that Rayanne would be telling me "my hair was holding me back." While I was redyeing it, it looked really cool, with just streaks of the minty color. I took a few pictures of it:
I hope you're all having a glitterific day!

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