Monday, December 10, 2012

Flower Child

Outfit Details:
Dress- #forever21
Sweater- Old Navy
Tights- Macy's
Shoes- Sundance
Today I wore my "Happy Dress." The fabric is so happy, it couldn't really have any other name. It's bright red, with daisies and polka dots all over. The skirt is light and twirly, and it's perfect for warmer weather. I also felt kind of mermaid-like, with my blue lips. I really need to get some actual colorful lipstick, because this morning I just used black eyeliner really lightly, then put bright blue eyeshadow over that, and covered it with clear lip gloss to seal it all together. For my eyes, I did a sort of Twiggy-eye, but with light green for the bottom lashes, and purple in the crease. It's very colorful. 
I hope you all have wonderfully glitterific days!

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