Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Long Awaited Favorite Pants

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Old Navy
Pants- #forever21
This is, as far as I know, the second blog post I've done wearing pants. I really don't wear them very often, unless I'm working on something like painting, or helping with farm-y things. Sometimes, I will wear jeans in some sort of 50's style outfit, or just because I woke up late and didn't have an outfit picked out. I usually just prefer to wear dresses. The one type of pants I've been dreaming of, though, is a pair of cigarette pants. They always look so cool and retro, and even though they're pants, they always look pretty and feminine. I've seen them on websites like Pin Up Girl Clothing, but they're always, like, $80 or something. May I remind you, I am a 14 year old girl. There are very few jobs that I can get, so I rely on my allowance for clothing money. My parents are always awesome about funding my wardrobe, and I do work at events with my mom every once in a while, but I by no means am going to be paying $80 dollars for a pair of pants (no matter how pretty said pants may be). So, I was very excited to find a pair of cigarette-like pants at Forever 21 the other day! I couldn't really tell from the picture, but I'm pretty sure these are the right ones on the website. 
They may not be super high-wasted, but they're high enough that they're comfortable. I just like high-wasted shorts, skirts, and pants more than low-wasted ones. I don't know, I always just think they're more comfortable like that. I don't like when they're so low you keep feeling like you need to pull them up, but you can't anymore. It just bugs me. They (my new pants) come to my ankles, but I just rolled them up a few times because it seems like cigarette leg pants are usually at least a little bit cropped.
I also went to Old Navy, were I got a few new shirts, one of which I'm wearing in my pictures today. I got the same shirt in plain black, too. I feel like it would look very Audry Hepburn if paired with my pants. I was very excited to find a pair of red ballet flats, which are much harder to find than I would have thought before, when I wasn't looking for them. I've been wanting a pair of those since I first saw the video for Emily and the Woods' song, Steal His Heart.
I hope you're all having a glitterific day!

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