Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Style Inspiration: Tavi Gevinson

Outfit Details:
Collar- DIY
Shirt- Brawlin' Betties
Dress (worn as a skirt)- #forever21
Socks- #modcloth
Shoes- Sundance
Have I mentioned before just how incredibly awesome Tavi Gevinson is? She's the founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie, which is one of my favorite websites. It's an online magazine aimed towards teenage girls, written mostly by teenage girls, and Tavi writes a lot of articles for it, too. It has really cool articles about being yourself, growing up, and just pretty much anything. There's everything from photo shoot pictures, to essays on the amazingness that is LSP from Adventure Time, to reports on the latest Riot Grrrl happenings. All kinds of girls (and even a few guys) write for it, and they have meetups, where they get huge groups of girls together, and have pretty much a huge party of hanging out. It's pretty much my dream to one day go to one of the meet ups, so hopefully there will be one near us soon. 
It was on Rookie that I first really heard of Riot Grrrls, and the more I hear about it, the more it interests me. I made a sort of flyer for my friends, that has this zine on one side, and some information from Wikipedia on the back.
Now, most of them are at least intrigued by the idea, so we want to start having sort of "Riot Grrrl Club Meetings" every week, where we'd just hang out and discuss issues and things. We've been thinking about joining the Feminism Club at school, but none of us really want to just go in a class room and debate abortion. We'd rather just have something casual, where we could just sit in a circle and have whatever topics we wanted come up. With Riot Grrrls, I think it's cool that it's not just one thing in particular that they're fighting for, it's got a really wide range, with things like Women's rights, Gay rights, Sexual abuse, and all of these other topics. I like that we could be discussing gay marriage one week, and the Slut Walk the next, and have it all tie in.
For my outfit, I'm wearing a T-shirt from a Brawlin' Betties (our local roller derby team) match, and a collar I cut off of a thrift store button down, and drew on with markers. I wore a long dress as a skirt, with the top part folded down, and my hair in a beehive. Last night, I re-bleached my hair, and it turned out kind of cool. I plan to redye it a bright hot pink possibly tomorrow, but the color was kind of a pretty minty color, so I figured I'd leave it for a few days. Also, the rainbow isn't a part of my Tavi Gevinson look, I just went to an Econ Fair at school, and got my face painted. I liked how it looked with my outfit, so I kept it on all day, even through a semi-nice dinner. In the cafeteria, one of the women working there looked at it and told me, "I like you're rainbow! Equality!" and it made me happy, so I left it on.
I hope you're all having a wonderfully glitterific day!

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