Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cotton-Candy Selling Cat

Outfit Details:
Hat- #h&m
Sweater- #forever21
Dress- #ModCloth
Socks- #forever21
Shoes- Shoebuy
Hair Extensions- Sally Beauty Supply
Today I feel like a cat who sells cotton candy. I'm wearing my cat hat, and my hair is pink and blue, so it kind of works. My outfit is all pastels and candy stripes, too, which helps. I also feel kind of like Annika, of The Pineneedle Collective, with my bright pink hair extensions and the same purse that she uses on occasion. My friend Michelle (who I'm writing the book with), and I went to see the movie "The Rise of the Guardians" today, and we both really liked it. We were easily the oldest people there who weren't parents, but it was an awesome movie. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it was a lot better than I thought it'd be. We were both freaking out just a little bit though at the fact that Jack Frost in it completely reminded us of a white-haired Lorcan, one of the main characters in our zombie book. There were a lot of similarities. 
Speaking of the book, we're almost done with UnEarthed, and are just about at the end. We're excited to finish it up, but a little bit sad, too. We've been working on it for about six months now, and even if we're nowhere near finished with the editing, it's weird to be almost done. Maybe once it's all done, I'll put some sort of a link to it so that if anyone wants to they can read some of it. 
I hope you all have a glitterific day, with cats, candy, and zombies!

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