Monday, December 3, 2012

The Butterfly Queen

Outfit Details:
Blouse, Sweater, and Skirt- #forever21
Socks- Tim Burton Art Exhibit
Shoes- (knock off) Doc Martins
Today I feel like the Butterfly Queen. I may not be wearing a butterfly-print dress, but, as you can tell, I'm all for subtlety. I bought this glitterific outfit yesterday at Forever 21, and it is just amazingly sparkly. The pictures don't do the skirt justice, because the fabric is like a fairy dress, and it is completely covered in glitter. The sweater has little gem stone things spilling off of the light green shoulders. The blouse just has such a pretty collar, though! It's a black triangle collar, with white stitching all along the edges! For my head piece, I took an old sparkly headband from when I was little, and clipped some decorative butterflies on it. I was going to wear an actual crown, but my silver tiara is broken, and my magenta one clashed with my lipstick. 
I hope you all have glitterific days!

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